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feather_ghyll's Journal

13 August 1979
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This journal was set up as a place for me to talk about my life-long love of girls' stories - boarding school stories, summer holiday adventures, mysteries set on the Continent, Guiding (or Camp Fire) stories. Discussion has expanded to cover children's literature more broadly, some adult literature and tennis. I post content sporadically.

This journal is mainly about children's stories, so there is very little 'adult content', however, I'm an adult, coming to these books as an adult, so 'adult concepts' may be discussed, as I tend to think that I'm addressing my peers, but given the material I'm mainly discussing...

Due to spamming, I screen all comments from people who are not friends. I'll try to unscreen comments as quickly as I can. I reserve the right to delete what I feel is any irrelevantly off-topic or disrespectful comment made to a post in this journal.
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